Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

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Being busy sucks! I've been missing out on all the blogging stuff. Need better time management. But I will never forget to be thankful for everything. I am blessed everyday. Here are some of them blessings....

  1. The universe is conspiring to make our Bohol and Cebu trip possible.  
  2. Surprisingly, I thank APEC Summit here in Manila for causing the cancellation of our flight schedule and FREE rebooking for a more favorable date.  
  3. Getting help from friends on planning and budgeting for our trip this December.
  4. Discovering audio book and loving every part of it.
  5. Kiss and make ups!
  6. Kalyeserye.
  7. Free massage for two c/o my office mate.
  8. Zumba at People's Park with my titas and cousin.   
  9. Free fast internet.
  10. Planning and organizing for our company Christmas party.   
  11. Time out with friends.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

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It's been a while since I said my thank you's. Here goes....

  1. Divine intervention... indeed, God is so good!  
  2. Free fast and reliable internet connection c/o my brother. 
  3. OTWOL.
  4. Spotifying en route to work. 
  5. TWD is back!
  6. Not going to Cebu/Bohol this December but husband's planning 'something' for Christmas instead.
  7. Me and my husband updated our Comelec registration details for the coming election.   
  8. Leslie is an official voter, too.
  9. KFC Famous bowl.   
  10. E-books.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

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There is always something to be thankful for everyday. Here goes....

  1. That place called SAGADA... another bucket list destination fulfilled!  
  2. Up close and personal with the 8th Wonder of the World, the Batad and Banawe Rice Terraces. 
  3. Surviving the hike to Tappiya and dipping in its cold, cold water.
  4. Hanging Coffins, Echo Valley and Kiltepan Viewpoint sunrise....bucket list destinations! Yey! 
  5. Braving and surviving the Lumiang and Sumaguing cave connetion. Can't believe I did it!
  6. Meeting new friends. Ang saya!
  7. #MayForever!.  
  8. Husband's simple birthday celebration.
  9. Witnessing the Begnas ritual. Very traditional and authentic Igorot experience.   
  10. A very succesful and safe  'me-time' weekend. Thank you God!

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

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There is always something to be thankful for everyday. Here goes....

  1. After 100 years I am back to blogging! And I am reintroducing (and developing) my 4 blogs.  
  2. Sand, sun and sea...Fortune Island Resort!  
  3. Makiling Highlands Resort.
  4. Leisure Farm (Lemery, Batangas). 
  5. Last weekend elementary batch reunion.
  6. Seeing a very, very, very old friend after 14 years.
  7. #TeamKape.  
  8. All three kids (Leslie, Mirko and Aily) are enrolled and ready for school.
  9. No more lates. Thanks to my husband.   
  10. Stephen King reading marathon.


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Monday, June 1, 2015

Veronika Decides To Die

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Veronika Decides To Die is the second Paulo Coelho's book that I read. The first one being the 'The Alchemist'. And like the first book, I like this one too. This is the story of a young woman named Veronika who never let fate decides what will happen with her life. She decides what her profession is, where to live, who to go out with and she never let herself too close to anybody because one day she will decide that it is her time to die. And that is what she did. She overdosed on pills only to be awaken after weeks of coma inside an asylum. She then found out that she will die anyway because her suicide attempt cause an irreparable damage to her heart making her weak each day and probably only had a week to live. What she didn't expect is the people that she will meet inside the asylum and the change on her perspective in life. She even inspire the people around her to value their life more and to look at their craziness/illness differently. One person who was touched by Veronika's presence is Edward. A schizophrenic artist who loves to watch Veronika playing the piano. He and Veronika made a special bond with each other. And in the end, realizing that she will die anyway, Veronika and Edward escape the asylum to live her last days to the fullest. The plot of the story is that Veronika is an experiment. She is not dying. The head doctor of the asylum only tells her that to experiment on her emotions and how she will cope with the situation and how her fellow inmates will react to the idea of her dying.  

Very straightforward, entertaining and somewhat inspiring. This book taught me to appreciate the life I'm living in and embrace my inner craziness.


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Welcome! Welcome!

This is my new blog, hosted and authored by me. Here you will find everything that matters in my life. My family, my friends, my favorite things and everything under the sun that concerns me and catches my attention. 

'Matters of Consequence' is from Antoine de Saint-Exupery's book The Little Prince. By definition it means 'what is of value in the world', hence the title of my blog. From the book, I learn to be thankful with what I have, prioritize the more important things and remain innocent by appreciating the small things that makes us happy.

So bear with me while I bugged all of you with my 'matters of consequence'. 


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